At PISL, we understand your business needs and requirements completely. Corporate India predominantly has taken to traditional means of financing their business requirements. The primary cause for this, among other factors, would be the lack of focused players in the financing sector. Given the lack of structured financing solutions, limited skill sets, dearth of innovation in structuring transactions, restrictive regulations limiting the ability of financial institutions to offer customized solutions, corporate are left with very few options. This situation however, is where we see an opportunity by offering customized and structured solutions.

Our Lending Business segment aims to provide specialized and holistic solutions to Indian corporate helping them build and grow their businesses. We focus on products in the structured credit and cash flows to build a quality lending portfolio. Under the Lending Business, we provide credit solutions for situations like initial funding requirements of a project, mezzanine financing, project financing, short term and long term working capital requirements, etc.

As part of our Lending Business, we cater to various corporate financial requirements offering custom-made solutions. Our lending business offers various custom made solutions; a few of them are as under:

1. Corporate Loan. Based on sound fundamentals and positive outlook for your business, you can leverage your Balance Sheet to meet your short term fund requirements and attain business stability and scalability.

2. Project Funding. Sometimes to part finance the project implementation cost, we offer short to medium term loans at different stages of project implementation including the seed stage funding or as a last mile funding to facilitate completion of the project.

3. Loans for Purchase of Machinery & Equipment. MSME account for 95% of registered firms worldwide and in India, it contributes 8% if GDP which accounts for 45% of to the manufactured output and 40% to country's exports and provide employment to 60mn people through 28.5mn enterprises. PISL provides financial solutions for micro, small and medium entity/s, along with solutions for emerging business areas.
Our motive is to partner with you at every stage of your business evolution. Our products and services can be tailored according to your business requirement, market conditions and entity size, to ensure that you are able to fulfill your dreams.

4. Short Term Working Capital Loans. Under this scheme, we offer short term loans for business expansion and working capital needs. We have an experienced team who will assist in identifying the exact requirement of your business and provide you with a suitable Loan product.